Discover TRADE SECRETS of Sustainable eCommerce business models & Performance Marketing Billing Methods 

The ADSUM mastermind retreat is a “secret sanctuary” for top advertisers. You will have the opportunity to safely discuss the industry’s biggest challenges, and then connect with peers and verified vendors to solve these problems and fuel explosive growth in 2018 and beyond..


ADSUM’s Main Goals are to

Reveal how you can leverage Fortune 500 branding secrets to build a customer-and-loyalty-focused brand, including a keynote from branding expert Re Perez.

Explore sustainable business models with eCommerce experts from Amazon and low-risk billing methods like the 8-figure affirmative consent "welcome mat" funnel by the Digital Marketing team.


Bring together the advertiser community to build connections and create business opportunities, including intimate war room roundtables to troubleshoot your biggest challenges.


ADSUM Founder, Nate Lind

Here's a little story about how ADSUM came to be and why… In May 2016, I’m in Key West with all my performance advertising industry friends on an 80 ft yacht.. By all accounts, I should be having the time of my life. But I’m not. Because I’m in the middle of challenging the industry status quo.

Up until then, I’d just been doing my own thing. But after so many of my peers came up to me, quietly concerned about the future of performance advertising, I realized someone needed to push our business in a new direction. Someone needed to help it mature out of the wild west that it was at the time. I thought that someone could be me, but I also had this sinking feeling that, by challenging the power players of the day, I might fail and find myself blacklisted by the entire industry — forever..


This was the controversial new approach I was working on: Our industry is made up of advertisers, affiliates, and vendors. I’m an advertiser, I sell products directly to consumers. When I’d go to marketing events, it was the affiliates that were put on a pedestal — the affiliates were the ones wined and dined. What bothered me was that the entire industry eats off of the advertiser’s plate, including the affiliates.




So my idea was to gather all the advertisers at one grand event to share war stories — and let the industry wine us and dine us for once because of how much money we generate for them. Sounds pretty good right? Balancing the scales for advertisers.


Call me crazy, but I saw it as fighting an injustice. It meant pushing for major change in the industry though. I was trying to create a shift in the balance of power and money — so of course I got push back from those who were invested in keeping things the same.. Some liked the idea. Others hated it. It’s how I learned the truth of that quote that sorta goes “Good ideas at first, are ridiculed. Second, they are violently opposed. Third, they are accepted and everyone wonders why it hasn’t happened before.” It’s true, people resist change.


So this is why I had the sinking feeling on that yacht in Key West.




But I decided that the industry needed someone to lead this transformation, and I started planning the first ADSUM event. By the time we announced it, a month later, the outpouring of interest was so large, that we had to find a bigger venue. All of the top sponsorships sold out in 72 hours. Our first event went amazing and this year will be the second, and of course, we’re making it even better. Register below, and I’ll see you in Aspen!


ADSUM Community Awaits You

It’s time for advertisers to take back the power in the industry, instead of handing it over to rogue third parties. The truth is WE the advertisers hold all the power. But the only way to use that power is to stand together instead of operating alone and making ourselves vulnerable to the influence of other companies that want to exploit our success.


We as advertisers are the creators. We are why the industry exists in the first place.


Without our offers: processors have nothing to process, networks have nothing to broker and affiliates have nothing to promote. We must stop taking all of the risk and settling with short-term profits simply because we feel powerless and don’t see any other way to do business.


It’s time to come together and use our collective power to reform the performance advertising business into one with a sustainable, long-term focus — instead of letting affiliates and other vendors push us around, generating their own short-term success at the expense of our long-term risk.


ADSUM goes beyond three days in Aspen in December, too. We have a year-round virtual community that will ensure you continue to be part of the transformation and that your business is the first to benefit.



But that only happens if you register.


If you choose not to come, you’ll be on your own. And with the year’s problems with traffic, FTC enforcement, merchant account shutdowns, you’ll have to figure out how a way around them all by yourself. Or worse...not figure it out, and have to close your doors.


Don’t take that kind of risk with your business and livelihood. Register for ADSUM and be on the forefront of the long-term grown in performance advertising. But do it now, because tickets are limited and the price goes up as we get closer to December.


See you in Aspen!


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A LUXURY RESORT EXPERIENCE WITH A HISTORIC STORY. This Aspen luxury hotel is renowned for its overall relaxed elegance. Located in the heart of Aspen with a unique blend of contemporary luxury and historic heritage, deluxe Aspen Resort amenities, genuine hospitality and dedicated service for an elevated experience in the Rocky Mountains.


The closest airport, serviced by Frontier, United, and Delta, is Aspen/Pitkin County Airport. American Airlines and US Airways fly to both Eagle County Regional Airport and Grand Junction Regional Airport.
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